09 Apr 2018
Arbres et Bois

For centuries the Japanese have been charring wood to create some of the very best material to withstand a variety of weather conditions. In Japan, the craft of making charred wood is called Yakisugi (焼杉) and is still today made according to the century-old traditional method.

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Exclusively Offered at Mega Centre Groupe

We at Mega Centre Groupe are proud to be partners with the very best producer in charred wood in Quebec, ARBES ET BOIS. Their collection has transformed exterior and interior design across Canada and Europe. Available in vibrant colour options as well as traditional Shou Sugi Ban earth tones…the possibilities are endless.

What is Yakisugi?

Yakisugi is a traditional Japanese method of charring wood for preservation. By charring the surface of the wood, the wood becomes extremely durable with a life expectancy that can exceed 80 years. The final product requires very little maintenance and is extremely weatherproof.

100% natural (ideal for LEED projects), durable and endless design possibilities – Yakisugi represents a most interesting option!

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Yakisugi Condo


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