Gentile Garden Centre

Everything you need for your lawn and garden under one roof

At Gentile Garden Centre, we have everything you need to help you bring out the beauty of your outdoor space: trees, shrubs, plants, earth, compost, fertilizer, gardening accessories and decorative items. With more than 50 years of experience in horticulture and landscaping, we can provide great advice when it comes to choosing the right products for your lawn and garden.

Have Any Questions?

Horticulturist on-site to answer all your questions concerning the planting of trees, bushes and plants as well as the upkeep of lawns, vegetable plots and flowerbeds. For thorough horticultural advice, don’t hesitate to consult him.

Perennial Plants

For beautiful flowerbeds that will remain colourful throughout the whole gardening season, fill your landscaping with a great variety of perennial plants. At Gentile Garden Centre, we offer a wide variety of them. Visit our greenhouse and be inspired by the beauty of those plants.

Annual Plants, Herbs and Vegetables

Embellish your landscaping by garnishing it with annuals. Those plants will bring lushness and vitality to your flowerbeds. Why not combine convenience and pleasure by adding to your outdoor space some herbs and vegetables? Herbs and vegetables will not only allow you to save money, but also the pleasure of eating fresh foods. Gentile Garden Centre provides a wide selection of annuals, herbs and vegetable plants.

Trees and Shrubs

Majestic and imposing, trees represent a crucial component of any landscaping project. In addition to producing shade, protecting from great winds and helping maintain privacy, trees have a real aesthetic value: they embellish private properties as well as neighbourhoods. What is more beautiful than a street flanked by tall trees? As for shrubs, they can be used to define the limits of a property or simply to conceal an awkward foundation wall. Ideal for hedges, these plants will add character to a garden. If you need to incorporate trees or shrubs to your landscaping, pass by Gentile Garden Centre.

Lawn, Soil and More

The lawn plays an important part in residential outdoor spaces, giving them depth and length. Basically, this green carpet brings the whole landscaping together. At Gentile Garden Centre, we sell Kentucky Blue turf in bulk. We also sell in bulk synthetic grass, earth, topsoil, gravel, crushed stones and stone dust.

Bagged Garden Products

Gentile Garden Centre holds a vast selection of bagged garden products: manure, mulch, sand, seeds, fertilizer, earth and compost. We have everything in store to help you upkeep your lawn and garden.

Decorative Accessories and Items

Gentile Garden Centre has all you need to help you embellish your landscaping project. Enhance your lawn and flowerbeds with decorative accessories and objects: artificial boxwood balls, spirals, pyramids and hedges, hedging for gardens, pots and birdbaths.

Fountains and Benches

Discover our gorgeous collection of fountains and benches. With these decorative elements, put the finishing touches to your landscaping. Whether you prefer a modern or a rustic look, at Gentile Garden Centre you will find the right object.

Gentile Garden Centre: Half a Century of Experience at your Service

Since its opening in 1963, our company offers its clients an impeccable service and top quality products. Come meet our team of professionals.