Our Services - The Outdoor Space of Your Dreams

If you are thinking about transforming your exterior home design into a cozy and welcoming haven, come and see us. We have everything you need to help you create the outdoor space of your dreams. Our experts are always available to answer your questions and to share their know-how.

Services You Can Count On

We are opened seven days a week to serve you better. At all times, our friendly team is there to greet you, to guide you, to advise you. With Mega Centre Groupe, your landscaping and masonry projects are in good hands.

On-Site Experts

  • Personalised consultations, with or without an appointment.
  • After sales service and advice.
  • Assistance for damaged plants.

Reference Center

As a reference center, we can recommend the most qualified persons to carry out your projects. Whether it is a landscaping or a masonry project, our staff will direct you to the right people.

Home Delivery

We offer a complete home delivery service during the whole gardening season: earth, sand, gravel, plants, trees, bushes, statues, fountains, paving stones, slabs, bricks and masonry products. Often bulky and heavy, purchases made in a gardening center can be difficult to carry. Don’t fret over it. Let us take care of delivering your goods.

Value Added Services

What makes Mega Centre Groupe different from the competition is the quality and the variety of the services that we provide. These valuable and reliable services not only set us apart, but they also allowed us to acquire a solid reputation in the industry.

Argonomist On-Site

Argonomist on-site to answer all your questions concerning the planting of trees, bushes and plants as well as the upkeep of lawns, vegetable plots and flowerbeds. For thorough horticultural advice, don’t hesitate to consult him.

Home Consultation

We offer a home consultation service at an affordable price. For all your landscaping projects, book an appointment at home with one of our experts. Let them help you create an outdoor space that suits your needs and budget. Services offered:

  • Consultation for landscaping projects.
  • Sketch of a landscaping project with a list of plants.
  • Advice on planting choices for existing landscaping.
  • Advice on maintenance, size and treatment of plants.

For more information or to book an appointment, please contact our experts Gratiela or Isabelle. You can get in touch with them by telephone or by email at (514) 321-0350 or info@megacentregroupe.com.

Soil Analysis

For optimal results, a soil analysis is necessary. Each section of your garden must be analysed individually. For example, you need a separate earth sample for your garden and your lawn. Bring us the sample and with the analysis result, we will make recommendations to help you improve the quality of your soil. It’s simple: healthy soil, healthy garden, healthy grass.


Whether you’re looking to add curb appeal to your property or if your houseplants have outgrown their old pots, we can create custom floral arrangements to suit your needs and budget.

Fountain Installation

Buy a fountain in our Mega Centre Montreal location and if you want to avoid the hassle of installing it, we can do it for you (fees apply).

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