Geotextile Texel in Rolls


Product Description

Brand: Texel


Ideal for creating a physical barrier between the natural permeable ground and materials (blocks , slabs … )

Lets water pass and prevents pavers, slabs,etc. from moving

Protection of drains

Creates a protective barrier against the penetration of plant roots

Controls erosion

After the installment of geotextile , add soil or desired mixture. The geotextile will prevent the mixing of both layers , but inhibit the passage of water and mineral salts. It will also help limit the growth of some invasive plants without threatening them .

Formats available:

0.875 m x 15 m (2.5′ x 50′) covers up to 125 sq.ft

1.75 m x 15 m (6′ x 50′) covers up to 300 sq.ft

1.75 m x 30 m (6′ x 100′) covers up to 600 sq.ft

1.75 m x 150 m (6′ x 500′) covers up to 3000 sq.ft

3.5 m x 150 m (12′ x 500′) covers up to 6000 sq.ft